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Fredericksfield Cane Farm located 10 mins west of Home Hill-94920

694962.2 USD
Home Hill QLD 4806
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Land ID: 83905 Update time: 2021-01-25 13:38:34
Trading years: permanent Size: 43.99ha
Feature: wheat Transaction type: for sell

Words from Seller

This property is located 10 mins west of Home Hill and one hour south of Townsville. Home Hill is a beautiful small town, with a population of approximately 7000 people. This small town has all the essentials available, such as Schools, Church, supermarkets, restaurants, playgrounds, pools, lawn bowls and a wonderful function centre. The area is one of Australia's main agricultural centres and premium sugar growing area. This property is prime land for growing sugar cane and other small crops such as sweet corn, maize, beans, Lucerne, sorghum, melons, capsicum, cucumbers etc.... any crop you desire. This property is a one-man operation with great infrastructure and above average producer and an abundance of water. Inspections are highly recommended. The property is 20min away from great fishing and crabbing.
Area: 43.99ha, 108.7 acres, 1 title freehold

Soil Types: Sandy loams, to silty loams, to clay loams

Rainfall: Average rainfall approx 40 to 50 inches

Irrigation: The property has 2 pumps, one is a 6-6 25hp Kelly & Lewis Open water pump, which pumps approx. 60 thousand gallons an hour. The other is a 4" Submersible bore in a 10" casing, which pumps approx. 24 thousand gallons an hour. The property is also fitted with a mixture of poly and concrete pipes approximately 500m of 12".

Implements & Machinery:
*100-6 Silver Same Tractor
*Massey Ferguson 168 Tractor
*1 tonne Bag Lifter on wheels
*90inch Howard Rotary Hoe
*1 tonne Fertiliser Box/Trash Incorporator
*8ft Hydraulic Back Blade
*4 row Mark out Bar
*3 row Strawberry Harrow
*Single row Cutaway Discs
*2 row Scarifier
*Fluming Roller
*4 row Spray Boom - 600ltr
*22 plate Disc Harrow
*6ft slasher

Cultivation: Currently under cane but is suitable for alternative cropping. The property is capable of growing (approximately 4500 tonnes)


Land Parameter

Altitude: <500m
Landform: unknown
Land shape:large square
Mechanized operation: support
Land flatness:flat
Drainage: no floods
Irrigation:basically satisfied
Topsoil texture:loam
Fertility: medium
Thickness of effective soil:60-100㎝
Salinization: no
Acidity or alkalinity: PH=7
Organic matter:6 g kg-1~10 g kg-1
Depth from barrier: 60-100㎝
Vegetation coverage:25%~50%
Depth to groundwater: 10m-20m
Climate type:Subtropical Monsoon Climate
Sunshine duration h/Yr: 2200-3000
Sunshine:sunshine during daytime
Annual average temperature: 20-30℃
Frost-free period/Days:250-300
Precipitation: 750-1500
Humidity:slightly humid

Transportation & Other Facilities

Road conditions:tractor road
Airport: >60mins
Railway: 30-60mins
High-speed railway: 30-60mins
Provincial/Interstate highway:<30mins
National highway: <30mins
County road:<30mins
Township road: <30mins
Village road/Self-built road:<30mins
Buses: no
Water supply: pumping well
Heat supply: other ways
Communications: connectable
TV system:connectable
Internet system: connectable
Greening: class I
Parking:basically complete
Education: basically complete
Medical treatment:basically complete
Sanitation: basically complete
Entertainment:basically complete
Food: basically complete
others:agricultural machine shed
Surrounding water system: no
Surrounding mountains:no
Attractions within 5 km: no
Nearby industrial clusters:
Comfort index:
Noise index:
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