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Vast ranch in Colombia

555,999 USD
San Carlos de Guaroa is located in the middle of a popular agricultural, livestock and oil area with more than 13,000 inhabitants. It is 1 hour from the town centre by rural road.
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Land ID: 84318 Update time: 2021-02-26 08:32:32
Trading years: permanent Size: 200ha
Feature: Horse | Cow | grazing | riding | rice | soy | rubber | eucalyptus | pine Transaction type: for sell

Words from Seller

What do the locals say?

  • “When I stop, I hear the whisper of the wind in the crops and look towards the majestic horizon of the plain landscape”
  • “My companions are the rope and the horse, with whom I walk through the fertile tropical savannah enjoying nearby streams and rivers”
  • “With the recent modernization of transport infrastructure, it is becoming easier to sell in major markets”

Advantages of Byterra's offer:

  • Fantastic tropical savanna with summer peak and groundwater!
  • Pure idyll without noise emissions or waste,
  • Unobstructed agricultural area!
  • Excellent investment with possibility of reform or replacement,
  • Possibility of improvements in technological capital and production methods,
  • Opportunity for agricultural company,
  • and and and...

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Byterra recommends following the 5 steps below to buy land in Colombia.

  1. Make an offer according to your budget and the estimated price of the land value. (Optional) Request to claim rights as a local citizen.
  2. Once you agree with the price, define your payment method and sign a purchase agreement using the nearest embassy as a government authority.
  3. Make the closure and sign the deed only with your passport, don't forget to reserve extra money to pay for registration, taxes and legal costs.
  4. Get ready to receive the keys to your property, no need to travel.
  5. Register the property as a new owner with the title of registration at the government office through the nearest embassy.

And ready. You are the happy owner of:

• Location: San Carlos de Guaroa, is located in the middle of a popular agricultural, livestock and oil area with more than 13,000 inhabitants. It is 1 hour from the town by asphalted rural road. The climate and water level make it ideal for crops such as corn, soy, sorghum, sugar cane, oil palm, timber (acacia, eucalyptus, rubber, pine, etc).

• Increase in value: Region with a tendency to increase land prices. A great investment. Perfect documentation. The national government plans to invest in road infrastructure improvements, plan 4G. Two decades of national privilege for being an area dominated by one of the largest operations of crude oil, palm oil and rice extraction.

• State: It is a functional and operational extensive cattle breeding business, has 120ht planting, working house, barbed, electric fences and barbed.

The opportunity is that the region's economy depends on manual methods, valuing the implementation of tools and methods that include capital in mechanical and digital technology.

• Recommended transport: truck or motorcycle.

• Markets:
or 88 km - Villavicencio (500,000 inhabitants) (GDP US 2.2 billion),
or 206 km - Bogota (9,000,000 inhabitants) (GDP US 63.8 billion)


Transportation & Other Facilities

Highway: 30-60mins
Port: >60mins
High-speed railway:>60mins
Provincial/Interstate highway: 30-60mins
National highway:30-60mins
County road: <30mins
Township road:<30mins
Village road/Self-built road: <30mins
Water supply: well
Heat supply: no
Energy:bottled gas
Communications: connectable
TV system:connectable
Internet system: connectable
Sewage:septic tank
Greening: class I
Education: basically complete
Medical treatment:to be improved
Sanitation: to be improved
Food: complete
Attractions within 5 km:no
Area of tenure(ac,sqm,ha): 2000000sqm
Exclusive use area(ac,sqm,ha):
Apportioned area(ac,sqm,ha):
Building type:
Building area(ac,sqm,ha):
Building density:≤25%
Plot ratio: ≤1.5
Green area ratio:≥10%
Limited height: 10m-30m
Nearby industrial clusters:plantation
Comfort index: ±2
Noise index:<20db
API: 0
WQI:Class III(potable water&second level protection area)

Other operating conditions

Total population:500123
Long-term residents: 5
Urban population:450123
Gross output value: 2200000000USD
Labor resource:ordinary
Tax incentives: yes
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